RCDT Module

The so called RCDT module (Radial Channel Disc Tube module) is the most advanced product in DT module technology.Rotreat disc tube module technology- RCDT module

The module consists of a pressure tube and hydraulic discs which are held by a center tension rod. Octagonal membrane cushions lie between every two discs. Owing to this special construction, open flow channels are formed between the hydraulic discs and the membrane cushions where the raw solution concentrates. The individual channels are joined together by openings in the discs, which are arranged in annual pattern, so that the feed water flows radial across the membrane cushions, alternately from the inside towards the outside.

The permeat that has been seperated by the membrane, flows on the inside of the cushion into the spacer radial inwards to the central permeat sewer and is directed along the clamping pin to the connecting flange of the module. The seperation of concentrate and permeat happens between the hydraulic disc and the membrane cushion.